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There’s Still Time To Add Finishing Touches This Holiday Season

Whether you love vivid eye-catching shades or subdued classic neutrals, a fresh coat of paint can revitalize any room in the home. Many homeowners neglect to consider a new paint job during the holidays, but a fresh shade can brighten your winter mood or bring the holidays to life in a fun and unique way.

The holidays are fast approaching and our blog on fall inspired colors was so popular we thought we would give you some holiday-inspired ideas you can use year-round. Luckily, there is still time courtesy of our same-day pickup or next-day delivery to pull together a few finishing touches before the holiday season is over. That’s why here at Janovic, we’ve put together some holiday decor inspiration for your next painting project.

Take a Look Around

The secret to holiday decorating and repainting begins with considering the big picture. Have you already purchased your holiday decorations? If so, use that as a starting point. If your decorations center around a featured color, choose a wall shade that will compliment your color palette. Neutral colors can often work well in this case.

If you haven’t chosen your decorations yet, start with your wall color. Once you’ve chosen your overall aesthetic, it will be easier to match your furniture and decorations with your walls. Plus choosing your wall color prior to your decorations ensures that you can choose a color that stays relevant all year long.

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Focus on Areas Most Congregated

The holidays are a busy time in New York City. Instead of painting your entire home, conserve your time and energy and start with only repainting the rooms that will see the most traffic. This will bring more color to your home for the holidays while still leaving you plenty of time to spend with your loved ones.

If you are inviting the family over to unwrap Christmas gifts, repainting an accent wall in your living room is a great start. This will save you both time and money, while still allowing for a pop of holiday cheer. Have loved ones coming home for the holidays? If you are having guests stay an entire eight nights for Hanukkah, repainting the guest rooms could be a thoughtful choice. If you’re hosting a dinner party, revitalizing the dining room or giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint can elevate the look of your kitchen.

Remember, when choosing the right holiday colors, the choices are endless. Consider the mood you’re aiming for prior to painting a new color and don’t forget to have fun.

Color Inspiration

There are several things to consider when choosing new interior paint colors for the holiday season. If you are prone to the winter blues, repainting your walls a cheery, light-reflecting shade can brighten any mood.

If you want your home to match the winter spirit, consider a color palette with cool tones reminiscent of snow or the December sky.

The sky really is the limit for holiday repainting. However, here are some of our favorite ideas to get you started this winter.


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If you love all-things winter, why not grab inspiration from your favorite winter color palette? A mug of hot chocolate can serve as the inspiration for a warm, cozy dining room painted with Hot Chocolate CC-484. Paint accents and trims with Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2020, First Light 2102-70 for a refreshing alternative to whites and creams. Winter Solstice 1605 on your living room walls will make you want to snuggle up by the fireplace.


Greens and reds can not only bring the holiday mood to any room, but the right shade can transition to a stunning year-round look. Painting a fireplace mantle an earthy green can pair well with any Christmas tree in addition to bringing a feeling of the outdoors inside well into spring and summer. Muted, softer tones like Kennebunkport Green HC-123 bring sophistication and elegance year-round. Alternatively, Smoldering Red 2007-10 on an accent wall will make you want to deck the halls with boughs of holly and continue to infuse energy to the room throughout the rest of the year.


Taking inspiration from holiday themes can include the holidays themselves. Sterling Silver 1461 can bring a sense of timelessness and winter tradition to any family room or dining room. Use a semi-gloss finish to reflect light for a metallic effect more reminiscent of silver than grey. Pair with blue and white decorations for a Hanukkah that is sure to wow your guests. Plus, silver pairs nicely with lilacs, pinks, and blues come springtime.


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Especially if you have brightly colored decorations, a classic neutral color can make your holiday decor really stand out. Benjamin Moore’s Mascarpone AF-20 is a beautiful, wintery off white that is sure to make any decor shine.

Black cabinets in a sunny, white room can bring a dramatic depth to any kitchen or bathroom. Black Horizon 2132-30 even pairs well with Kittery Point Green HC-119 for a winter-twist to any room. Don’t miss our How to Go Bold with Neutral Paint Colors blog to explore neutrals more.


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If you are one of the many New Yorkers who need some balance against the dreary winter weather, consider trying a completely unexpected interior paint color this season. A bright pastel-like Purple Easter Egg 2073-50 makes an accent wall sure to bring cheer to any room and can showcase white seasonal decorations. Pair with darker hues like Deep Indigo 1442 and Amethyst Shadow 1441 to bring sophistication. Don’t miss our blog on How to Paint a Stunning Feature Wall for more accent wall ideas.

Beige and even subdued yellow tones can complement holiday decor and bring a sense of warmth on a cold winter day. A light yellow like Soleil AF-330 or Hawthorne Yellow HC-4 (pictured above) will pair nicely with any green holiday decoration while livening up a room. Plus, they transition well past the new year into spring and summer for a bright and airy feel.