From thousands of entries, we had the great privilege and challenge to choose colorful additions to our New York City Color Trends Palette 2023 as we decided on our New York City Color of the Year for 2023.

The new year offers new opportunities to gather together and enjoy all that our communities have to offer. This means enjoying all the good that has come before us and looking forward to those moments of colorful inspiration – both familiar and new tones, exciting vistas, brilliant hues, and vibrant new horizons to come in the new year.

Just like Christmas in the city is an iconic part of the season, so has become the unveiling of our New York City Color of the Year and our New York City Color Trends Palettes, and this year is no exception. We were pleased to review and consider your choices amongst the wide selection of Benjamin Moore paint colors that reflect our great city for 2023 and beyond. Some of our favorites were…

…Third Place Winner, Bunny Gray 2124-50

Nikki K. selected Bunny Gray 2124-50 because it “[c]omplements our great city… it’s the color of our skyscrapers, with a blue tint that complements and blends in with its surroundings. Similar to the diversity of the people that are drawn to New York City, Bunny Gray is versatile, harmonious, and will always be part of this great city.” We agree, Nikki, and hope you enjoy your prize of 2 passes and lunch at the Met!

…Second Place Winner, Spring Mint 2040-70

Our runner-up, Spring Mint 2040-70, is a color so nice that we chose it twice! One of our two co-runners-up, Alexia V. appreciated how it “represents the patina of NYC architecture and shows how the city has changed over time but still remains iconic.”

Keeping an eye toward architecture, co-runner-up Liza T., agreed, comparing Spring Mint to “The Statue of Liberty… the best and most iconic symbol of NYC. Its shade of green is a reminder that we all came from somewhere else with one thing in mind – to embrace a better life.” It is a “reminder today of how the more things change, the more things stay the same.” We thank both our co-runners-up for their thoughtful entries as they appreciate the architectural colors of New York during each of their prizes, dinners for 2 at Patsy’s Italian Restaurant!

…and Announcing the New York City Color of the Year for 2023…

Cochineal Red CW-330!

Benjamin Moore Cochineal Red CW-330, NYC Color of the Year 2023, New York, New York (NY)

Kathy H. said it all with her entry for the New York City Color of the Year 2023 contest. She picked Cochineal Red because it reminded her of “[t]he rich brick color of brownstones, row houses, churches, and museums that celebrate the past and look to the future. The color mimics the renovation, restoration…the grand structures built of the earth, the color of clay bricks that represent NYC’s rich heritage which deserves to be preserved and always celebrated.”

As our first-place winner, Kathy will receive four tickets to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular and enjoy another part of New York City’s vast heritage worthy of celebration for now and years to come.

Presenting the NYC Color Trends Palette 2023 with Benjamin Moore

  • Cochineal Red CW-330: A brownstone brick shade of deep red, this color was created with pigments available in the 18th century.
  • Spring Mint 2040-70: This crisp mint has an icy green edge that is very on trend for 2023.
  • Bunny Gray 2124-50: A classic gray with a touch of baby blue, this color is a cool update on classic concrete tones.
  • Desert Twilight 2137-40: An olive shade reminiscent of the evening sky, this shade is a masculine and earthy without feeling too dark.
  • Sweet Celadon CSP-785: Pale jade green welcomes the eye and refreshes the palate.
  • Sea Haze 2137-50: A mid-toned neutral with hints of gray and green, this color is a muted, multi-faceted shade.
  • Hidden Sapphire CSP-690: A rich Atlantic jewel tone blue, this color is a lovely and mysterious addition to any space.
  • Lightning White 2019-70: This creamy off-white will cheer and brighten your rooms and accent features with flash and pomp.
  • Burnt Ember CSP-120: A perfect gray neutral that balances bright and light city colors.
  • Bachelor Blue 1629: This muted blue gray is a rich and elegant choice for any home.
  • Peruvian Chili CSP-1100: An adobe hue that adds character and spice to a space.
  • Salamander 2050-10: This mix of black, blue, and green is an intriguing combo that will blend in or stand out, depending on how you use it.
  • Healing Aloe 1562: This shade is a refreshing light blue with gray and green notes.
  • Stone Harbor 2111-50: This classic gray calls to mind wide open skies and elegant rooms.
  • Sea Star 2123-30: This mid-tone neutral offers green, gray, and blue tones.
  • Iron Mountain 2134-30: This soft black is rich and perfect for warm or cool spaces.
  • Winter Lake 2129-50: This soothing soft blue-gray calls to mind ocean surf or slate.

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The colors and tones of the New York City Color Trends Palette of 2023 is all about bringing back all we love about the past while looking forward to a brighter future. We want to be a part of your design project to tell the story of your life in the city. Contact our paint professionals at any of our locations across New York City to learn how to integrate this palette into your space. Janovic is here for all your interior design needs, including paint, custom window treatments, wallpaper, fabric, and more. We offer in-home consultations for our services as well a color consultation, so we can show you just how these colors will look in your house. We can’t wait to work with you!

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