Your bay windows’ openness and architectural detail are stunning but finding the perfect bay window treatment ideas can take time and effort. You want to highlight the innate beauty of your desirable window feature without sacrificing privacy or light control. Plus, the shape and size of bay windows are often more challenging to outfit than standard windows.

Hunter Douglas Pirouette® sheer shades, bay window treatment ideas near New York City, New York (NY)

By selecting lightweight and custom window treatments from Hunter Douglas, you can find the shade that perfectly accents your stunning windows.

Bay Window Difficulties

Why do bay windows require special consideration when outfitting them with new window treatments? Unlike other specialty window types, bay windows are an architectural feature that impacts the room’s shape. Small or large bay windows are defined by the outward projection created by three windows that make a curve. Typically, there are two windows angled at 45 degrees and one flat window in between the two angled windows. The center window is often inoperable, whereas the two on the side can be opened.

Because of these angles, bay window treatments must be custom-made to fit the window perfectly. If the shades or blinds are too large, they will knock against each other and be challenging to maneuver.

Best Bay Window Treatment Ideas

Bay windows are composed of two main sections: the interior and the exterior. The interior consists of the space flush against the windows and the space between the windows. The exterior is the section directly before the windows before the wall protrudes.

The two main ways to outfit bay windows are by placing the window treatment on the bay windows’ interior or the exterior. These are a few of our favorite bay window treatment ideas for each type.

Exterior Drapes

If you prefer a window treatment outside your bay windows, then side panels or drapery are ideal! The most straightforward bay window treatment to install, add a curtain rod or drapery track directly above the opening of your bay windows. Select your preferred style of drapery or curtains from the Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ collection, let our team install them, and you’re good to go!

Although exterior drapery is the most straightforward window treatment option, it may not be the best choice for everyone. The biggest drawback is that the entire bay area is closed off when drapes are closed. Many bay windows accompany sitting nooks or shelving. Drapery could render these spaces unusable while the drapes are closed. Side panels sit to the side of the window and accent the window while keeping the window area itself open to view.

Shutters & Blinds

Interior shutters and window blinds are two of the most traditional window treatments on the market, and they are generally a perfect choice for bay windows. Already a custom-fit window treatment, installing them on your bay windows is no different than adding them to traditional windows when you work with our Janovic team. Choose from several stain or paint options in hardwood, faux wood, vinyl, or metal options to achieve your desired look!


Sheer shadings capture the innate beauty of natural sunlight without forcing you to sacrifice your privacy. Hunter Douglas offers multiple styles that range in appearance and function. Choose the option that best complements your goals for the space and your desired levels of visibility and privacy.

Bay Window Treatments in New York City

Your bay windows are stunning, and you deserve the best window treatments to accentuate their beauty. Stop by one of our New York showrooms today to see why Janovic is the leading Hunter Douglas retailer and home improvement vendor for New York City. With locations across NYC, you’re just a few minutes away from the window treatments you know you deserve.

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