Paint is a design feature that we rely on to remain as vibrant as the day we painted it on the wall. Furniture being moved, pictures hung on the wall, and the temperature of a room can affect how well paint dries and it’s long term durability. Humidity especially can make paint take longer to dry, and cause mold growth, peeling, cracking, and other issues; choosing the right kind of paint is especially important when dealing with high moisture environments.

Painting a kitchen

Thankfully, many kinds of paints are specifically formulated to deal with these conditions. Whether it be exterior paint for homes in humid environments or interior paint for rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, there are plenty of paint choices in a wide array of colors and finishes.

Interior Paint

Bathrooms with showers and bathtubs are the rooms with the highest amount of humidity even moreso than kitchens. Choosing a paint that can’t stand up to high humidity will lead to mold, mildew, cracking, peeling paint, and, eventually, a high cost to fix. We can help you choose a paint that can stand against these costly issues, so that your bathroom paint will remain intact even after years of humid showers.

The first thing to consider is how the paint itself has been formulated. Many manufacturers have designed colors perfect for dealing with high humidity environments, like Aura® Bath & Spa from Benjamin Moore.

Aura® Bath and Spa paint has been formulated to deal with some of the biggest problems with high humidity. It is mold and mildew-resistant, dries quickly, and creates a waterproof surface that protects your walls from moisture seepage. This paint also comes in a matte finish. If you’re choosing another paint, then we recommend a high gloss paint for the humid environment; It also tends to clean better than most paints.

Exterior Paint

Generally, our homes’ exterior surfaces deal with much more occasional moisture from a shower. From rain and storms, snow and ice, to all the hot, muggy days, the exterior of your home is constantly dealing with moisture. Due to this, most exterior paints will be designed to deal with humidity, but a low-quality exterior paint will only last a couple of seasons before it starts to fade, chip, or peel. Since exterior paint is going to be covering a large area outside your home, repainting it every couple of years would be quite the hassle and costly project especially if a low quality paint allows in moisture.

This is why choosing high-quality exterior paint is so important. The Aura® Exterior Paint from Benjamin Moore is the high-quality exterior paint that we recommend for anyone looking for long-lasting, vibrant color. Aura® offers four iterations including flat, low lustre, satin, and semi-gloss.

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