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Do you find yourself wondering how to decorate in small spaces? Many times, we think it would be easier if the room was just bigger, the ceiling higher and wall space more available. But, your home is the way it is, and there are truly wonderful ways to create the perfect decor. We’ve got 5 tips for you to make your smaller rooms all they can be…

#1 Add Mirrors

Using mirrors to decorate in small spaces is smart. They allow you to bring your style into the room with the shape and frame without taking up any space. And, the reflective image offers the illusion of a more expansive room.

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#2 Brighten the Walls

When you decorate in small spaces, you’ll want to use a light hue to open up the look of the room. Dark colors can often tighten a room, making it seem more closed-in. With the right color, you can also increase the sheen of the paint to brighten the look with an eggshell or satin.

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#3 Choose Intentional Decor

Because you don’t have as much room in a smaller setting, decorating must be intentional. Less is definitely more, as lots of knick knacks will create too cluttered of a feel. Collections are best, and you can even stick within a color family to bring a cohesive, well-decorated look.

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#4 Create a Versatile Backdrop

Windows are a great way to open up the room when you decorate in small spaces. But, you don’t have to sacrifice your privacy for that open feeling. Motorized shades allow you to change your windows in an instant. Take them from closed privacy, to open view-through.

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#5 Think Up & Down

When decorating smaller spaces, both the ceiling and the floor are important assets. While the walls should be a lighter shade, the flooring should be dark enough to create dimension and depth. The ceiling offers a palette for you to add to the look. Wallpaper has become increasingly popular when adding extra style to rooms.

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