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Think about the rooms throughout your home. Each one has its own special feel. Both the style and the way you use a room play major roles in shaping the atmosphere, and so do window coverings. Creating a better home and a better life truly starts at the window. What can you do to enhance yours? Consider our top three favorite features to add function and lifestyle benefits.

Convenient Motorization

When it comes to favorite features, motorization is definitely number one on the list. Why? Because automated blinds, shades, and shutters just make everything easier! With custom scenes, scheduled adjustments, and voice-controlled operation, your convenience and comfort reign supreme.

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Picture a life where your window coverings move in time with your routines, are accessed with a few simple words, and constantly work smarter for you. As you’re getting ready in the morning, your bathroom shades close just before you step in to take a shower. A quick voice request opens the kitchen blinds as you set things out for breakfast. And, when you’re away from home on a scorcher of an afternoon, you can rest assured that the heat and sun aren’t compromising efficiency in your home or your energy bill. Because they’re integrated with your thermostat, you know that your motorized shades have already closed.

Balanced Top Down Bottom Up

Everyone loves natural light flowing into their home, but staying private is important at times too. Do you find it hard to strike the perfect balance between light and privacy in your home? Then the second of our favorite features will change everything. Top down bottom up lets you bring in light without putting you on-view to the whole neighborhood.

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Imagine curling up in your living room with a cup of coffee or a good book. Gentle natural light flows in across your ceiling–illuminating the room with a beautiful glow and offering amazing sky views. Yet, your privacy is protected. No one will know that you’re in your pjs! From bedrooms and bathrooms to family spaces and entryways, top down shades are sought-after for all kinds of spaces. They are ideal for keeping a space well-lit while maintaining your privacy.

Versatile Dual Shades

Last, but certainly not least, on our favorite features list is dual shades. When a light filtering shade and a blackout shade share the same headrail yet move independently, the possibilities are endless! Dual shades bring incredible versatility to the atmosphere of your home.

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Think about relaxing in your family room while you enjoy your outdoor view and softened natural light. Want to watch a movie? Simply lower the secondary blackout shade, and your space is transformed with theater-like darkness. And we probably don’t even need to mention how phenomenal dual shades are for transitioning your bedrooms from well-lit spaces to dark havens for quality sleep.

Bring Your Favorite Features Home

Does your home need the amazing function that motorization, top down bottom up, or dual shades offer? Would you love an extra dose of convenience, balance, or versatility in your life? Do you have your own favorite features? Our team at Janovic would love to sit down with you and help you achieve all that you want for your home and your life. Contact us for your FREE in-home consultation today!

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