We see every color on the spectrum walking around NYC, so decorating with earth-tone colors may seem like a one-way street to a dull, lifeless interior. The truth is that a natural color palette is subtly sophisticated and elevates the aesthetic of your apartment while keeping it grounded. We’re sharing five classic earth tones we love as inspiration to create your natural color palette at home.

Why Choose Earth Tones?

There’s a reason why people are encouraged to get some fresh air when they’re feeling ill or overwhelmed. Going outside is good for your health and mood, so it only makes sense that using earth tones to decorate your home will mimic the calming vibes of the great outdoors. An earth tones color palette is highly versatile because it allows you to mix and match your favorite natural shades. There are endless variations of browns, greens, grays, blues, and other earthy tones.

Benjamin Moore Otter Brown 2137-10

It doesn’t get more earthy than the color of the soil. Deep shades of brown add warmth and comfort to a room but must be paired with lighter hues to avoid creating a dark, heavy aesthetic. This color looks fantastic with more golden, light brown hues but also pairs well with pale pink shades reminiscent of the rising sun.

Benjamin Moore Chocolate Mousse 1025

If dark brown is too bold, this lighter hue with soft pink undertones is a fantastic choice. Chocolate Mousse is versatile and a perfect fit for spaces with a neutral color palette. Create a fun contrast by combining this color with a gentle green.

Benjamin Moore Herb Bouquet 460

A soothing sage green with moody gray undertones, Herb Bouquet is an excellent choice for a primary or accent color in rooms with natural color palettes. Herb Bouquet adds a touch of freshness to galley kitchens or half baths and is a superb complement to shades of cream and deep blue.

Benjamin Moore Evening Dove 2128-30

An exquisite blend of navy and charcoal, Evening Dove is an elegant choice for bedrooms or formal dining rooms. Combining blue and gray makes this shade versatile for greige or sky blue spaces. The deep hue may be a bit much for walls in tight areas, but it is a stunning shade for trim and other architectural features.

Benjamin Moore Harbor Fog 2062-70

A brighter earth tone, Harbor Fog is a delicate sky blue with a breath of the lightest gray. While it would make an outstanding choice for walls in any room, it’s also worth considering for an unexpected pop of color on a ceiling. Harbor Fog would be a breathtaking accent color in a room with deep blue or charcoal walls and furniture.

Creating a Natural Color Palette for Your NYC Home

A palette of earth tones is perfect for all styles, including yours. Janovic is the premier Benjamin Moore dealer in NYC, and we’re confident we’ll be able to help you design a one-of-a-kind color palette. Visit one of our locations across the city or book a color consultation to get started.

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