Living in New York means being surrounded by high-end fashion and on-trend style. Finding that perfect union between what’s popular and what you love can be tricky, so how do you create a color palette for your NYC apartment? Choosing a stunning color scheme to impress your friends and family is a breeze with a few strategies from our designers.

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The Basics

We’re all about embracing individuality, but we also know that design standards exist for a reason. Limit the number of colors you use in a room to between three and five to keep things neither dull nor chaotic. A purposeful design will elevate your apartment’s interior to a polished, refined look; using the same color at least twice in each room will help you to accomplish this goal.

Finding Inspiration

As professional designers, we feel obligated to tell you that choosing paint is not the best way to kick off your color palette journey. With thousands of options, including custom colors, it’s much easier to match paint to your decor than vice versa. We encourage you to find inspiration in unlikely places, like a favorite art piece or fabric pattern. Choose the colors that speak to you and use them as the foundation of your palette.

Setting the Mood

Color profoundly impacts our mood; decide on the intended atmosphere of a space and follow it up with coordinating shades. Think of the way you feel in different places to help determine the aesthetic you want to create. What do you feel in Central Park versus your favorite coffee shop or wine bar? Choose colors from the palettes in those spaces to recreate those feelings at home.

Color Continuity

When you wonder how to choose paint colors for your home interior, consider the necessity of cohesive design. Color continuity is aesthetically pleasing and creates harmony within a space. The decorative flow invites you to move freely between rooms and feel comfortable while doing so. Take a page from the book of today’s top interior designers and choose a neutral hue to use in every room as the base of your color palette. Remember that painting every wall in this color is not a requirement; it only needs to be a feature in each room.

Incorporate Architecture

It’s easier to paddle with the current than against it, and working with the architecture in your home is an excellent example of this concept. Molding, built-ins, wainscotting, and chair rails are fantastic places to incorporate an accent color from your palette. You should also consider the flooring in your home when choosing a color palette. Warm hardwood flooring will pair with very different colors than ceramic tiles with cooler undertones.

Custom Color Palettes for Every NYC Apartment at Janovic

New York City is an incredibly colorful community, and we’re proud to be a part of it. Bring your design dreams to Janovic, and we’ll help to make them a reality. Visit one of our locations in NYC or contact us to book an in-home consultation.

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