In 1907, a Swedish immigrant and inventor Karl Peterson founded the Crescent Tool Company. Soon after that, he introduced America's first open-end adjustable wrench, a revolutionary concept that replaced an entire set of dedicated- size wrenches. The Crescent® adjustable wrench was extremely successful. It was widely imitated but never duplicated.

Today, professional tradespeople can select from Crescent® wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, mechanics hand tools, and toolsets, Crescent | Lufkin® measuring tools, Crescent | Wiss® scissors and snips, Crescent | Nicholson® files and saws, Crescent | H.K. Porter® heavy-duty cutting tools and Crescent | JOBOX® storage products. A new generation of tradespeople is looking for tools that will help them produce professional results and a new, stronger Crescent is there to answer that call.

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