Everyone enjoys the look of a freshly painted room, but the time and effort it takes to achieve the final result are less enjoyable. New Yorkers appreciate convenience and efficiency; an all-in-one paint checks both boxes. Let’s discuss the best options if you’re considering using an all-in-one paint in NYC.

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Comparing All-in-One Paint with Standard Formulas

All paint has the same end goal – adding color to a surface. Primer and standard paint come together to give exceptional, durable coverage, but you cannot use one without the other. If you apply regular paint to a surface without primer, it will start to crack and peel within a few months. The all-in-one formula bridges the gap between traditional paint and primer. They adhere better and provide more coverage than standard paint alone but may not deliver the results you get with a separate paint and primer.

Benjamin Moore All-in-One Options

  • Benjamin Moore AURA® Interior Paint features proprietary Color Lock® technology to deliver outstanding depth and richness of color. A durable finish resists scuffs and burnishing to keep your paint looking spectacular for longer. Benjamin Moore AURA® Interior Paint in NYC is available in matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss sheens.
  • Regal® Select Interior Paint is a premium formula with superior flow and leveling that has been a best-seller for over 60 years. It features stain-release technology and can withstand the scuffs and bumps from daily wear and tear. The high hide, fast-drying all-in-one paint is available in flat, matte, eggshell, satin/pearl, and semi-gloss finishes.
  • ben® Interior Paint is the perfect all-in-one paint for beginners. It has an extended open time, zero VOCs, and low odor. The formula offers excellent hide and spatter resistance and has matte, eggshell, satin/pearl, and semi-gloss finish options.

The Benefits of Benjamin Moore ADVANCE® in NYC

An all-in-one formula may not be the best choice when working with raw surfaces like new drywall or unfinished wood. A surface that has never been painted is porous and will absorb paint, meaning you must apply several coats for even coverage. Using a primer first will conceal minor imperfections to give the paint a smooth finish. Benjamin Moore ADVANCE® Interior Paint cures to a hard, furniture-quality finish and is an excellent choice for doors, trim, and cabinetry. Doors and trim often stand out from the rest of a room, so they must have a flawless paint job.

Give Your Apartment a Makeover with All-in-One Paint in NYC

Discover the difference all-in-one paint can make in your NYC home. Janovic is the city’s premier dealer of Benjamin Moore paint and Hunter Douglas window treatments, and our designers can help you create a stunning color palette for your apartment. We proudly serve DIYers, homeowners, apartment-dwellers, and paint professionals alike with all their paint and paint supply needs.

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