Black paint is a bold design choice you shouldn’t make on the fly. It has a powerful effect but isn’t as intimidating to use as you may believe. In fact, we love black paint, and these are three of the reasons why:

  1. It’s versatile. What can you pair with a little black dress or chic suit? Anything. The same is true of black paint. If you fall in love with a seemingly difficult-to-match color, such as dark pink, bright blue, or vivid orange, there will always be a shade of black that looks striking with it.
  2. Black has a strong presence in any room. A person’s color preferences are entirely subjective; what appeals to one person may not be another’s cup of tea. This doesn’t change the fact that black is a compelling color that will never go unnoticed.
  3. Since black is neutral, it will always be on-trend. The amount, application style, and shades may change, but the color’s beauty will always be appreciated.
Black Accent Wall in a Mid-Century Modern Sitting Area near New York City

What Colors Make Black?

Black is black, right? Not exactly. Unless it’s true black, it will have differing undertones because you can create it with every color. An equal mixture of the primary colors – red, blue, and yellow – will give you a shade of black. You can also create a moody shade by mixing opposites on the color wheel, like red with green, blue with orange, or yellow with purple. Black goes with every color because you can use all of them to make it.

Best Shades of Black in NYC

Since there are numerous shades of black, it can be challenging to narrow down your choices. In our humble opinion, these are some of the best shades of black paint you can use in your home:

  • Benjamin Moore French Beret 1610 – A deep, saturated gray with a personable touch of navy blue. Use it in a matte finish to create an elegant, moody primary bedroom.
  • Soot 2129-20 – A straightforward shade of black with endless uses. Try it on your kitchen cabinets, as an accent wall, or trim in any area of your apartment.
  • Day’s End 2133-30 – A softer, hazy shade of black with captivating charm. It looks exquisite with softer shades of bright colors, like the warm green of Benjamin Moore Warren Acres 527.
  • Deep Space 2125-20 – This lighter shade of black with a touch of blue is ideal for those who want to dive into black but not necessarily the deep end.

Best Black Paint in NYC

Find your favorite shades of black with the assistance of the Janovic design team. We are the city’s premier Benjamin Moore paint and Hunter Douglas window treatments dealer, specializing in creating upscale interiors for every home.

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