The curtains or drapes you choose for any room in your home will serve as a focal point and help tie the room together. Modern options include whimsical prints and high-performance fabrics, but how do you choose the right fit for your windows? We make it easy with a few straightforward tips.

Light Pouring Through a Balcony Glass Door with Dark Drapery in Modern Apartment Living Room near New York City

Curtains and Drapes – What’s the Difference?

How are curtains and drapes different? The terms are often used interchangeably, but a few differences make each window treatment unique.

  • Fabrics: Curtains use lightweight, casual fabrics like linen or cotton. The word “drapery” usually brings to mind heavier or more luxurious materials like velvet or silk.
  • Length & Fullness: The design standard for drapery is that it breaks just before the floor or forms a small puddle on it. Drapery panels are much fuller to offer an opulent appearance when drawn back. Curtains are less full and usually break at the sill or just below it for an airy, lightweight aesthetic.
  • Function: You’ll see drapery in upscale spaces, like formal dining and sitting rooms. Curtains are hung in laidback areas like kitchens or children’s playrooms.

Modern Drapery for Bedrooms

Since a dark space is a requirement for restful sleep in the city, drapery in bedrooms must be functional and appealing to the eye. We enjoy tonal looks in bedrooms because they appear both elegant and sophisticated. Choose curtains that are a shade lighter or darker than the walls, so they don’t disappear in their surroundings. If heavy materials aren’t your preference, include a room-darkening liner so you can sleep in on Saturdays.

Modern Curtains for Lively Living Rooms

Your living room is an excellent area to bring bold colors or patterns to your window coverings. Since it’s an area meant for entertaining, any color, including energizing hues like red and yellow, is on the table. You can choose stationary panels instead of traversing styles if light control and privacy aren’t priorities.

Hardware With Character

The hardware you choose for your custom drapery significantly affects the overall appearance of your space. A valance is a lot more formal than a metal curtain rod. This realm of  brackets, cornices, and finials may seem overwhelming, but choosing is easier than you think. Decide if you want your hardware to be subtle or statement-making, and then select a finish. Wood hardware usually looks best with natural fabrics like cotton or linen, while metal finishes complement luxe materials like silk or velvet.

Hang Your Curtains or Drapes Like a Pro

For the most attractive look, curtains and drapes should be hung several inches above the window frame, with the hardware extending six to eight inches beyond the sides. This will make your ceiling appear taller and your windows larger. You can hang drapes across an entire wall to give the illusion of floor-to-ceiling windows and make a room feel more spacious.

Modern Curtains & Drapes For NYC Homes

Breathe new life into your windows with modern curtains and drapes from Janovic. We are the city’s premier dealer of Hunter Douglas window treatments and Benjamin Moore paint, and our designers can help you create cohesive interiors with lots of aesthetic appeal. Visit one of our many showrooms across New York City or book an in-home consultation today.

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