One thing we love about neutral colors is that they always stay in style. Moody or bold palettes can trend one minute and become outdated the next. But a neutral color palette goes with everything and is easily freshened up. Here are a few of our favorite Benjamin Moore neutral paints to help you create a timeless design!

Bone White OC -143

Benjamin Moore Bone White is a part of our off-white color collection. We enjoy the sophistication of this hue and how it elevates any room it’s in. Consider this warm vanilla white as the perfect backdrop in a cozy living room, reading nook, or any other space where tranquility is a must. This color helps create a soft glow when sunlight touches it. Bone White pairs well with other neutrals, Earth tones, and darker hues like black.

Distant Gray 2124 – 70

Sometimes we want to create a serene space where we can relax, breathe, and reset. Simple and soothing, Distant Gray keeps the room’s energy low-key and centered. Add pops of color with throw pillows or blankets in complementary colors like deep blue or forest green. Distant Gray is also great for fading into the background to let other design elements take center stage.

Hush AF – 95

All kinds of rich, textured beiges look amazing across any home, one of our favorites being Hush. This Earthy beige allows eastern and western-facing rooms to soak up radiant sunlight, while northern and southern-facing rooms will soften that light for a warm and comfy feel. This color pairs exceptionally well with other Earth tones, so you can easily add greens, yellows, and browns for a nature-inspired design.

Horizon OC – 53

Horizon is a splendid pale white/gray containing almost blue undertones that help to steady a room with a ton of natural light. We enjoy seeing this color in a minimalist design or where heavy patterns need a delicate balance. This hue pairs well with creamy whites, sage greens, and darker shades of gray. Horizon is a part of Janovic’s Candice Olson Designer Picks collections.

Gray Owl 2137 – 60

Gray Owl is one of our favorite medium grays that boasts sage green undertones. Creamy whites, darker grays, and all shades of brown pair wonderfully with Gray Owl. Consider Gray Owl if you want a moodier, eclectic touch to your design. We know this color would look stunning in bedrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens; Truly, this hue would look gorgeous anywhere! Change up other décor elements to play up or calm down the moody undertones.

Neutral Paint Colors in Your NYC Apartment

Neutral tones create the perfect canvas for the rest of your decor to build on. Clean and comfortable, neutral colors are some of our favorite options, and we hope you’ll find some new favorites. Janovic is New York City’s color authority, so you can trust us to help you create your perfect home. Book your color consultation or visit us at one of our many locations across the city to get started!

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