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Bondo® Wood Filler


  • Two-part filler bonds to wood surfaces for permanent, non-shrink repairs
  • Cures fast; sandable in 15 minutes for fast same-day repairs

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Weight 1 oz
  • Two-part filler bonds to wood surfaces for permanent, non-shrink repairs
  • Cures fast; sandable in 15 minutes for fast same-day repairs
  • Turns medium brown when mixed, helping blend with wood surfaces for consistent appearance
  • Fully paintable and stainable
  • 1 Quart

Paintable. Stainable. Permanent. Non-Shrinking.
Carrying the brand — and the performance — of our famous auto body filler, Bondo® Wood Filler (PDF, 219.8 Kb) provides stable, durable repair for wood surfaces on a broad range of projects inside and outside the home. Bondo® Wood Filler is stainable and paintable and turns to a medium brown color when mixed, making it perfect for almost any wood surface. The two-part wood filler forms a permanent bond and will not shrink. It is exceptionally strong — you can use Bondo® Wood Filler to rebuild rotted or missing pieces of wood for larger non-structural repairs. The filler cures fast and can be easily sanded by hand or power tools in only 15 minutes.

Same Day Repairs
Why wait hours or days to complete a repair? With Bondo® Wood Filler, you can complete professional looking repairs in less than 30 minutes. The secret to a fast, permanent repair is in the two-part technology. By mixing the filler with the cream hardener (included with the filler), you can sand the wood filler in 15 minutes and stain or paint it in just 25 minutes.

Strength to Restore and Rebuild
From the smallest to the largest of home improvement (PDF, 291 Mb) projects, Bondo® Wood Filler can handle nearly any wood repair — fill minor holes or scratches, or rebuild entire missing wood pieces. It is very easy to mix using the included tube of cream hardener. Also included is a strong technological advantage: when the filler and hardener are mixed, a reaction occurs which allows the filler to chemically bond to the surface for a permanent repair. The two-part wood filler cures quickly, making it easy to spread while adhering it to the surface you are repairing. For more advanced repairs, Bondo® Wood Filler can be applied in layers to rebuild rotted or missing pieces of wood. Unlike slower drying water- or solvent-based wood fillers that cure by evaporation, Bondo® Wood Filler chemically cross links to cure for a faster, more durable repair. As a result, Bondo® Wood Filler is water resistant and will not shrink. This saves money, saves time and helps create professional grade repairs that last.

Recommended Applications:
Designed for interior and exterior wood repair, Bondo® Wood Filler has your home repairs (PDF, 2.85 Mb) covered.

  • Window sills
  • Furniture
  • Exterior wood trim such as door frames and jambs, soffits and fascia
  • Cabinets
  • Fences and posts
  • Decks
  • Garage doors
  • Wood floors and stairs
  • Siding
  • Exterior wood columns, doors and flower boxes Interior doors, baseboards and more

Bondo® Wood Filler lets you rebuild, restore and replace rotted or damaged sections of wood on doors, windows, fences, furniture, shutters and more. This wood filler is the best choice for repairing any wooden item in or around your home. Once dried, it can be sanded, shaped, planed, drilled, routed or sawed just like wood. This durable product is formulated to accept stain and paint more naturally than most wood filler products. For rotted wood problems, use Bondo® Rotted Wood Restorer 20131 before applying the wood filler.

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