DAP markets reliable, long-lasting products for contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, DAP is the leading marketer of caulks, sealants, adhesives, insulating foams, spackling, glazing and other general patch and repair products.

We stock a large selection of DAP's caulking, tapes, adhesives, patching kits, and compounds.

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GE Sealants & Adhesives

The GE Sealants & Adhesives comprehensive consumer line of premium products embodies quality, strength, and performance, for the confident completion of a variety of household projects by both professionals and homeowners. Whether you need 100% silicone for weatherproofing, an acrylic latex sealant for beautiful, paintable results, or an adhesive that can outperform the elements, GE Sealants & Adhesives are among the most innovative and trusted products on the market.

Liquid Nails

Liquid Nails® Brand is the most recognized brand in construction adhesives, offering a full line of products formulated to offer the best possible performance for a given project. Utilizing its trusted construction adhesives as an essential building tool gives its customers the confidence that every project will be Done Once. Done Right.®

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For more than sixty years, Elmer’s Products, Inc., has been providing creative adhesive solutions that support project success and turn ideas into reality. By continuing to develop innovative new products, Elmer’s has become the trusted brand when it comes to fueling creativity and providing outstanding product performance in the classroom, at home, in the workshop, and at the craft table. Elmer’s inspires people to create, build, and learn for life.

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Newborn has been providing quality sealant and adhesive dispensers and accessories since 1974. Their mission is simple: To provide innovative products engineered to last and that make dispensing and applying sealants and adhesives easier.

Newborn accomplishes their mission by continuously listening to the feedback of everyone including end-users, distributors, and manufacturers in multiple industries such as waterproofing, restoration, concrete repair, painting, hardware, glazing, automotive, aerospace, military, solid surface, firestop, DIY…the list goes on.

Gorilla Glue

The Gorilla Glue Company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been selling Gorilla Glue® for over two decades. The glue was first discovered being used in Indonesia on teak furniture, but consumers soon found it to be incredibly versatile and demand soared. On a mission to make products that deliver impressive results, the company has since expanded its offerings to include Gorilla Tape®, Gorilla® Super Glue, Gorilla® Construction Adhesive, and other premium tapes, sealants, and adhesives. Gorilla believes in high-quality products and chooses to only put the Gorilla logo on products that meet rigorous development standards.

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Better building starts with formulation competence and chemistries that are designed to help advance the performance, durability, and aesthetics of buildings and infrastructure. Learn how you can work with Dow to develop efficient and differentiated building materials and components.

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Whatever you need to repair build or create there’s a Loctite adhesive specially formulated for your project. Want to repair your favorite shoe? Or personalize a backsplash with mosaic tiles? Maybe you're ready for bigger jobs like insulating your basement or installing drywall. Get step by step instructions on a wide range of household projects, from small to large.

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