Since Purdy's beginnings in a small garage in Portland, Oregon in 1925, the art of making premium painting tools has always been at the heart of the Purdy success story. Purdy remains committed to creating the best painting experience.

Each Purdy® professional brush is an individually built tool, designed, formulated, blended and hand-crafted for maximum painting performance. Only the finest raw materials are used, without exception. From formulation to production, each step in our production process represents a standard for hand-craftsmanship and quality unmatched in the industry.

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Corona Brushes


After three generations in brushmaking, Corona still likes to be "in the kitchen". They know every detail, no matter how small, is one more opportunity to make something good, better.

They pay the sharpest attention to detail as they hand construct all of their professional paintbrushes. With the right amount of stock, taper, and their own hand formed, soft-flagged edge, they ensure smooth, even, fast coverage time and time again. Their rollers are built with trademark touches, including durable cage-fastening and attachment systems in the frames and high-density fabrics in the sleeves.

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The Wooster Brush Company was established in 1851 and is one of the oldest manufacturers of paint applicators in the USA. Their company founder Adam Foss traveled from Pennsylvania to Ohio to set up shop. He began producing handmade bristle paintbrushes in a small, two-story building in Wooster, Ohio, and then sold the brushes door-to-door throughout the state.

Wooster has continued a tradition of ground-breaking development and today is known as the top applicator innovator. Some of the most popular brands of painting equipment on the market are made by The Wooster Brush Company. Each year, Wooster designs more new products than any other high-quality applicator manufacturer.

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ArroWorthy is one of a select group of companies able to manufacture synthetic roller covers on a polypropylene core, which are 100% solvent resistant. Polypropylene is proven to be a more solvent resistant resin than phenolic & PVC.

ArroWorthy was the first to develop new lines of professional brushes featuring a new class of filament technology such as “NYLYN” designed and proven to apply today’s paints and stains better. ArroWorthy is the only company producing microfiber roller covers in over 75 SKU’s and 5 different nap heights. Using new equipment and special finishing techniques, ArroWorthy has crafted a full line of superior painting tools with which to apply today’s coatings.

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Whizz makes high-quality precision painting tools and accessories designed to cut work time and produce beautiful results more effectively. Their range will cover the “complete job”. Professional and do-it-yourselfers alike will find the ideal tool and accessories for every coating and substrate.

The company’s products include roller frames, handles, and poles, roller covers, and polyester brushes in many convenient sizes.

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Bestt Liebco

Since 1926, professional painters have been turning to Bestt Liebco® for tools they can trust. Our quality applicators are competitively priced and deliver excellent performance to meet the needs of today’s painting contractor. For the 80-plus years they've been in business, professional painters have asked for Bestt Liebco products by name because their livelihoods depend on their reliability.

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