One day your job is to push the limits — and to do it on time and under budget. The next day — to ensure everyday work is extraordinary. At 3M, they understand. That’s why they're devoted to providing quality products that can help you transform a space overnight. Or light a space using minimal energy.

You'll find 3M's abrasives, surface preparation, tapes, adhesives, and safety products fully stocked at our stores.

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Radius 360°

The Radius 360° is a revolutionary drywall sanding tool, with unique side-to-side, up and down, and circular mobility. The Radius 360° features a full 9” diameter, die-cast aluminum head that makes fast work of large surface areas. The round design virtually eliminates flipping and the associated surface scratching and gouging. The ability to change directions quickly without having to lift the pad off the wall is a huge advantage over the conventional method of sanding drywall.

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Festool Abrasives

The solution to the perfect surface — Featool takes sanding seriously. Whatever project you're working on, they've got you covered — from removing heavy stock, to polishing, to drywall, to finishing custom profiles.

Blue Dolphin

Blue Dolphin products are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the professional painter. Their company leads the industry in utilizing solvent-free adhesives and environmentally responsible manufacturing. All of their abrasives and tapes feature high-quality materials and are made with state-of-the-art technology. Most of their tapes are manufactured with the greenest process in the field, exceeding even the strictest environmental regulations, while still producing superior results.


Diablo’s premium brand of cutting tools and abrasives are specifically designed for the contractor and remodeler to provide superior performance while withstanding the most extreme conditions. Diablo products are manufactured in the world’s most technology-advanced facilities to consistently provide high-quality results every time; saving you time and money.

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