March 6, 2012 


They Did It To Pluto, Now They’re Doing It To Pink!

By Michelle Zakko



I’m sure you remember when they demoted Pluto because it wasn’t a planet anymore. Well, now it’s happening to the color pink!  Robert Krulwich, a co-host of the program Radiolab, has Pluto’d pink. While this certainly isn’t a new development, in a blog post he noted that pink doesn’t occupy a slot in the colors of the rainbow.

He has a good point because there isn’t a P in Roy G. Biv.  Red, Green, Blue, Violet are all there and since they’re bands of light that scientists can measure, they exist. Pink on the other hand…

“Pink happens when the red and violet sides get together, but they don’t get together—which makes pink an act of wishful thinking, or, to put it bluntly—pink is a made up color,” he writes.

A made up color? I am crushed.  If pink isn’t a color then what will happen to the pink dynasty Benjamin Moore pink dynasty 1352?  I know where I stand in the pink debate.  I plan to continue to live in pink blissBenjamin Moore pink bliss 2093-70.  Maybe my head is in a pink cloud  Benjamin Moore pink cloud 887 but in my heart I believe that authentic pink authentic pink 2006-60 is a color.  And it’s all because I love you pink I love you pink 2077-70!

Ok Mr. Krulwich, you may believe that pink is a made up color but these are some very real pink rooms.

benjamin moore pink room
gypsy love 2085-30, ivory white 925, blue dragon 810
benjamin moore pink room

glamour pink 2006-40, cherry wine 2080-30, hawthorne yellow HC-4

Pink Cloud 887 by Lesli DeVito on

benjamin moore pink room

raspberry mousse 2076-40, fog mist OC-31, white heron OC-57

Will you continue to live in a pink fantasy benjamin moore pink fantasy 1290?

Read more about the great pink debate on the Scientific American blog.  Or check out more pink inspiration!



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