The bedroom is not like every other room in the house, and the same can be said for bedroom windows. Some considerations will stay the same. Do you want curtains, drapery or blinds? Do you want your drapes to be white or incorporate colors? Do you want a sheer linen that lets light in, or do you want blackout curtains? However, some of the other usual things you might expect from your windows, such as lots of light, airflow, and grand views, might be problems for your bedroom windows. Consider some of these points when trying to decide on the best bedroom curtains, drapery shades, sheers, blinds, and shutters in New York City, NY:

  • Do you prefer to sleep with very little light?
  • Are you worried about reducing noise pollution?
  • Does your room get hot during the day or night? Or cold? Are you concerned about temperature control?
  • How much privacy do you want, and is it easy to see in your home through your windows?
  • Do you have carpet, hardwood, or important furnishings that you need to protect from fading from the sunlight?
Your answers to these questions can help you determine what direction to take your bedroom window curtains and draperies. You might decide on classic curtains, but shutters, sheers, blinds, or shades might be better.

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Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Light and Sound Control

An excellent option for window shades for bedrooms are the Solera® Soft Shades. These Roman shades feature a pocket between the folds of fabric in the shades; this helps filter out noises and keep your bedroom quiet. These shades are also available in light-filtering and room-darkening opacities, so you can get the perfect amount of light filtration into your bedroom. For additional customization options, you can choose for these shades to open from the bottom, the top, or both to provide you with the ultimate level of control for light getting into your bedroom.


Vignette® Modern Roman Shades are a fantastic choice for bedroom window treatments due to their versatility. When paired with the Duolite® system, you can easily allow gentle light to filter through the front sheer shading panel or raise the second panel, a room-darkening shade like a blackout curtain, for the ultimate privacy and comfort. This unique system can also help control light and sound through your bedroom windows, so it is a quality choice for those seeking more control over their window treatments.

Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Cellular Shades


It can be hard to get the temperature just right in a home, and there is no room where that is more important than the bedroom. Since much of your heat or air conditioning is lost through the windows, having the best shades for your bedroom windows is imperative, and there is no better option than Duette® Honeycomb Shades. These innovative shades feature a honeycomb design that traps outside heat and cold while keeping your room at the desired temperature. This dual-layer also helps reduce outside noise, inviting a deeper, more restful sleep.

Regardless of which drapery, shade, shutter, blind, or sheer you go with, some great systems are unique to Hunter Douglas products. The new Gen 3 PowerView® Automation System makes whichever Hunter Douglas window treatment you have for your bedroom windows, and it makes it significantly more convenient. With the touch of a button, you can raise, lower, or program your shades to rise when you get up in the morning. The PowerView® system van even integrates with other devices in your home so that you can adjust your shades with the sound of your voice.

Each curtain, drapery, shade, shutter, blind, and sheer made by Hunter Douglas is designed to suit your needs perfectly. Janovic is here to make sure you make the perfect choice from all these great options. The professionals at Janovic will help you determine the best color, style, and type of window treatment for your bedroom windows.

If you need help with other ideas for any space in your home, we are here to help, and we invite you to contact us. We offer an extensive collection of curtains, drapery, shades, sheers, blinds, and shutters in New York, NY, and beyond.

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