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When light is captured in the most beautiful way, a feeling of pure comfort is created. Duette® Honeycomb Shades perfectly diffuse light and provide extraordinary, energy-efficient comfort throughout your home — no matter the season.

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Honeycomb shades are a timeless classic. Most loved for their energy efficiency and room darkening capabilities, these shades are a popular choice in New York. Janovic is proud to offer Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades, which can be customized to fit any size window—even tricky skylights and unusually shaped panes. Janovic offers a free shop-at-home service to the people of New York City. Our customers love shopping from the comfort of their living room!

Here’s why we love them:

Energy Savings All Year Round

Honeycomb shades are one of the most popular window shades in NYC because of their insulating capabilities. New York summers can get extremely hot, and the winters can be unbearably cold, which is why insulation is a must-have in the city. Honeycomb shades provide an insulating layer, which keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Lower energy bills throughout the year are another incredible benefit of cell shades. The secret behind their unique insulating capabilities comes from their honeycomb design, which creates air pockets between high-quality fabrics to keep your interior temperatures regulated.
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Utilize the Duette® Vertiglide™ operating system for patio or balcony doors that need a bit more insulation. Vertiglide™ is designed for vertical application, so you can have the same fabric as your Duette® Honeycomb Shades on your sliding glass door.

Endless Ways to Customize

We love the versatility of cell shades because there are endless ways we can customize them for your unique design style. Whether you love bold colors or neutral tones, modern lines, or traditional accents, Janovic has you covered. We offer our honeycomb shades with the Alustra® Collection of Duette® fabrics — a collection of design-inspired textures, hardware, and colors. Alustra® can make your fixtures feel luxurious with a metallic sheen that enhances the colors in your new honeycomb shades. We’re proud to offer Alustra® fabrics on other collections like Pirouette® Window Shadings, Silhouette® Window Shadings, and Vignette® Modern Roman Shades.
Cell Shades, Honeycomb Shades, Cellular Blinds, Cellular Shades, and Honeycomb Blinds near Manhattan, New York (NY)

Our honeycomb blinds have the widest selection of pleat sizes, opacities, colors, textures, and operating systems. You can customize our cellular blinds to fit an array of specialty shapes, so even if you have angles, larger circles, cutouts, or hard-to-reach skylights, we can create the ideal shades for you.

Perfect Light Control

With our Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades, the perfect light control is at your fingertips. Whether you want soft light or direct sunlight, you can get what you want by opening and closing the shades or by choosing a fabric with your desired level of opacity. We provide the LightLock™ system for rooms that need unparalleled darkness. The secret lies within the patent-pending side panel design that can absorb and deflect incoming light. This cordless operating system is easy to use and puts you in control of the light that enters your home.
Cell Shades, Honeycomb Shades, Cellular Blinds, Cellular Shades, and Honeycomb Blinds near SoHo, New York (NY)

For light control at the click of a button, choose our PowerView® Automation for motorized window treatments. The PowerView® App allows you to create pre-set times for your honeycomb shades to open, adjust, or close automatically. The Pebble® Remote allows light control from anywhere in your home, so your life is never interrupted.

Built to Last

You can trust that you are getting the quality you deserve when you choose our superior honeycomb shades. We use high-performance fabrics in our honeycomb shades. They are resistant to fading and will maintain their crisp, neat pleats over time. We also love that our cell shades improve your room’s acoustics and reduce sounds from outside the home.

More Services from Janovic

In addition to our custom Hunter Douglas window treatments like honeycomb shades, we also provide various other products and services. We carry the entire line of Hunter Douglas custom window treatments, including blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery. We provide color services for your interiors and exteriors with state-of-the-art color matching services and Benjamin Moore paint. We also offer product demonstrations and free design consultations so that we can find the right products for your style and needs.

We love the New York City, NY community, and we are proud to serve you at any of our multiple locations across the city or through our Shop At Home free-consultation. Janovic is your one-stop shop for custom honeycomb shades. We measure. We design. We install. You sit back and relax. Contact us today to take advantage of our free shop-at-home service!

The Original Energy-Efficient Honeycomb Shade

An innovative window treatment that looks beautiful and insulates your home all year round, Duette® Honeycomb Shades were the first cellular shades, specially engineered to provide energy efficiency at the window in both cold and warm climates. Their specially engineered honeycomb construction traps air in distinct pockets, which creates insulation that can help lower your energy consumption and energy bills.

Decorate every kind of window you have — even tricky skylights and unusually shaped panes — with Duette. Hunter Douglas’ signature honeycomb shades are one of their most versatile options and beautify every kind of interior.

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Key Features

Premium Design & Style

Explore the richness of texture and warmth offered by The Alustra® Collection of Duette, a thoughtfully curated suite of exclusive design-inspired fabrics, textures, colors and hardware created to meet the expectations of leading designers and discerning consumers who seek the best in design.

Largest Selection in the Industry

Explore the widest selection of cellular pleat sizes, opacities, colors, textures and operating systems. Duette shades can also accommodate many specialty shaped windows, even tricky skylights.


Studies show that windows are responsible for up to 50% of your home’s energy losses. Duette shades trap air in distinct pockets, creating exceptional insulation. Hunter Douglas' latest innovation, Duette Architella®, features a honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design for even greater energy efficiency.

Room Darkening

The LightLock™ system, the newest iteration from Duette, is the first operating system of its kind to offer unparalleled darkness. The secret lies within the patent-pending side channel design, optimized to absorb or deflect nearly all incoming light.


All of Hunter Douglas' high-performing fabrics are resistant to fading and will maintain their crisp, neat pleats over time.

Vertical Application

For doors that need extra insulation, the Duette Vertiglide™ operating system is the ideal option. It’s designed for vertical applications and uses the same fabrics as your horizontal Duette shades. Use one shade to cover the entire expanse of a sliding door, or, cover the door with a split stack Vertiglide shade, with each side operating independently.

Sound Absorption

Improve your room’s acoustics while reducing the intensity of outside sound. Duette Honeycomb Shades absorb up to 70% of sound energy, creating a more quiet, tranquil room.



Horizontal or Vertical

Pleat Sizes

3/8", 3/4", or 1 1/4"


Horiz. 4" - 174" | Vert. 12" - 336"


Horiz. 6" - 144" | Vert. 24" - 120"

Specialty Shapes

Arches, angles, trapezoids, hexagons, octagons, circles, ovals, bay, corner, patio doors, sliding-glass doors, french doors, cut-outs, skylights, and sidelights.

Exclusive Fabrics

Alustra® Architella® Jardin, Macon™, Leela, and Apollo™.


Light filtering and room darkening.

Available Operating Systems


    The ideal option for controlling light and privacy. Give yourself ultimate flexibility with the Duolite® design option—a system that combines two separate fabrics, one light filtering, the other room darkening, into a single shade. Available in both manual and motorized operation.
    Learn more about Duolite®


    Perfect for opening and closing larger shades without the hassle of dangling cords. The EasyRise™ system is a continuous cord loop, specially engineered for smooth, easy operation
    Learn more about EasyRise™


    Gift yourself a better night’s sleep with Hunter Douglas' LightLock™ system, available only with Duette® Honeycomb Shades. This is the only system of its kind that provides unparalleled blackout capability. Whether you’re wanting to sleep in or it's movie time—you’re covered. Available with LiteRise® and PowerView® Motorization.
    Learn more about LightLock™


    Your days of fussing with cords are long gone. Enjoy the simplicity and ease of the LiteRise® system, which lets you operate your window treatment by simply pushing up or pulling down with your hand.
    Learn more about LiteRise®

    PowerView® Motorization

    With Hunter Douglas' innovative PowerView® system, you can move your shades according to schedules you set—day or night, whether you’re home or away. Operate PowerView shades with your tablet, smartphone or our sleek Pebble® Remote, available in a wide range of colors. PowerView is also compatible with smart-home systems for premium convenience.
    Learn more about PowerView® Motorization


    Simplicity™ is a manual operating system for skylights that is available for vertical or horizontal orientation and can stack in any direction.
    Learn more about Simplicity™


    Hard-to-reach skylights are now easy to operate with the SkyLift™ skylight system. Whether you choose a motorized, hand crank or telescoping pole system option—you’ll have control over your home’s skylights.
    Learn more about SkyLift™


    Direct the light in your home as you see fit—from the top, from the bottom or in combination with the Top-Down/Bottom-Up system. You can position your window treatments as you like, customizing the light balance and privacy in your home to suit your needs. Choose from several operating system options including manual or PowerView® Motorization
    Learn more about Top-Down/Bottom-Up


    Made especially for European style tilt-turn windows, the TrackGlide system with Duette® Honeycomb Shades keeps shades in place when windows swing like a door or tilt from the top.
    Learn more about TrackGlide™


    Features a single retractable cord or wand depending on your window treatment choice. The cord and wand always remains a constant length when raising and lowering your window treatments. With no long, dangling cords, UltraGlide® offers enhanced child and pet safety.
    Learn more about UltraGlide®


    Hunter Douglas' Vertiglide™ system is the ideal choice for side-to-side openings and sliding glass doors. It works wonderfully as a room divider too. Operation can be manual or motorized.
    Learn more about Vertiglide™