Organic style is the perfect way to add a modern flair to your NYC home. Natural wooden blinds and shutters are two ways to introduce natural materials into your interior design aesthetic, and we’ll share how to incorporate these window coverings into your modern home easily.

Beige Room with a Beige Wood Chair and Wood Wall Paneling near New York City

What is Modern Organic Style?

It’s a design style that combines the best of minimalism, mid-century modern, and nature-inspired biophilic elements to create an effortlessly cozy and sophisticated space. Modern organic interiors emphasize neutral tones and natural textiles, like woven materials, pottery accents, and wood—like wooden blinds and shutters.

The Appeal Of Wooden Blinds and Shutters

Wooden shutters and blinds check several boxes required for organic modern design – they’re made from a natural, sustainable hardwood and have clean lines that accent minimalist spaces. Both wood window treatments have adjustable components that allow you to enjoy as much natural light as you prefer. Their opaque nature also ensures your privacy. Layer your wooden coverings with another natural material like woven linen or cotton drapery panels in a light, neutral shade to add texture and increase functionality.

Greenery Is Essential

A modern organic interior hosts an abundance of greenery. Depending on your available space, this can include anything from large potted palms to airy plants suspended by delicate macrame vases. You can create a statement-making accent wall by hanging floating shelves and filling them with small and medium-sized houseplants. This helps save some of that all-important floor area for your belongings and creates an interesting focal point in your home.

The Modern Organic Color Palette

Begin with a neutral base, including white walls, and view the room as a blank canvas for you to create your organic modern vision. Remember, neutral doesn’t equal boring. The spectrum of neutral and earthy hues is nearly endless. You can also incorporate other tones, like gold or cool blues, for a pop of color. We offer wooden blind options available in various paint and stain finishes, ranging from light and airy to deep and moody, that will perfectly complement a neutral palette.

Organic Shapes to Balance Wooden Blinds & Shutters

Since organic modern homes blend minimalist and modern pieces with natural elements, you need to include a blend of lines and shapes in a space. If you choose wooden shutters for your windows, balance those straight lines with a round coffee table or a sofa with a gentle curve. Handcrafted sculptures feature one-of-a-kind curves and will look right at home in an organic modern interior.

Wooden Shutters Are Clutter-Free, Yet Cozy

Strictly modern spaces, with their crisp lines and minimal decor, can feel cold and unwelcoming. That’s why modern organic interiors incorporate wooden window treatments and natural textiles and emphasize quality over quantity. Use jute rugs and lambswool throw blankets to make your home feel cozy without clutter. Combining natural materials, like wood shutters, metal tables, or clay pottery, will also give a room clutter-free character.

Design Modern Organic Spaces with Wooden Blinds and Shutters in NYC

Let Janovic be your partner in creating a modern organic interior for your home with the help of our decorating team. We can find you the perfect wood shutters and blinds for your space as the city’s leading dealer of Hunter Douglas window treatments and Benjamin Moore paint. Our designers will put their extensive experience to work for you. Visit one of our many showrooms across New York City, or book an in-home consultation today.

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