A successful DIY painting project gives you a sense of accomplishment and something to display in your NYC home proudly. Fantastic final results begin with the right supplies for the job, so let’s talk about what you’ll need.

Paint Brushes and a Roller Brush in a Blue Paint Tray near New York City

Essential Painting Supplies for Prep

Proper preparation is necessary before you dip a brush into a paint can. Here are the supplies you need to start your DIY project:

  • Step ladder: The average person can’t easily reach the top of walls or the ceiling without a little boost. A sturdy 6-foot ladder is a common choice because it’s tall enough to be helpful without being too large to move quickly. Keep yourself safe when climbing or descending the ladder by always having three contact points between your feet and hands.
  • A mixture of water and a gentle cleaner, like dish soap: Cleaning your walls can help the new paint adhere to the wall instead of the layer of grime that builds up over time.
  • Spackling compound and a putty knife: Do you have photos or art hanging on your walls? If nails hold them up, you’ll need to repair the small holes left behind before you paint. A 2-inch putty knife with a flexible blade is ideal for spreading spackling compounds over these minor blemishes.
  • Fine grit sandpaper: After the spackling compound is completely dry, you’ll use fine grit sandpaper to lightly smooth the spots you filled with the spackling compound. Removing any residual dust from this task is vital before you paint.
  • Drop cloths: Do you have floors and furniture? We thought so. Do you want to paint them along with your walls? Probably not. Grab plastic or canvas drop cloths to protect your floor and furniture from dripping paint.
  • Safety glasses and a hat: You certainly won’t see these items during New York Fashion Week, but they will keep paint out of your hair and eyes, especially if you paint the ceiling.

Painting Supplies for the Main Event

  • Primer: Most of today’s paint formulas offer a 2-in-1 primer and paint combination, but some scenarios require a couple of coats of standard primer. These situations include drastic changes from a dark color to a much lighter one or switching from a high-sheen paint to a lower one.
  • Paint: Premium quality paint from Benjamin Moore is well worth the investment. Benjamin Moore paints feature patented color technology and are available in over 3,500 colors.
  • A high-quality 2 ½’ angled brush: You’ll use a 2 ½” angled brush for cutting in areas that are difficult for a roller to reach, such as corners, trim, and the ceiling line.
  • Roller: A roller makes painting large wall areas faster and helps prevent lap marks. Rollers come in various lengths. A ⅜” is ideal for most interior home projects.
  • Tray: A tray will help you load your roller evenly with paint.
  • 5-gallon bucket: DIY projects that use more than one can of paint call for a 5-gallon bucket.

Your Next DIY Paint Project with Janovic

Is it time to tackle a DIY project from your to-do list? The design team at Janovic is here to help you choose the best paint colors and paint supplies for your home. We are the city’s premier Benjamin Moore paint and Hunter Douglas window treatments dealer. Visit one of our many showrooms across New York City, including Chelsea, Gramercy Park, Hell’s Kitchen, Long Island City, Soho, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Uptown West, Yorkville, and The Bronx. We also offer complimentary in-home consultation today.

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