As any New Yorker knows, a lot of people live in NYC. That’s why taking advantage of your available space is essential. Motorized window shades in NYC are a stylish, practical way to cover your windows and make the most of your space.

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Use Motorized Shades on Every Window

Is there a space in your home where you can’t put furniture because it will prevent you from adjusting your shades? Perhaps your apartment has tall windows, and you can’t take full advantage of the natural light. The tall windows may make it impossible to raise shades to the top and lower them again without scaling a ladder. You adjust electric shades with an app or a battery-operated wand, so physical obstacles are not a concern.

Mount Motorized Shades Inside the Window Frame

Are you a minimalist who appreciates sleek style and slim profiles? Motorized window shades in NYC are ideal for mounting inside the frame. This allows you to install shades in small windows or rooms without taking up a lot of space. Motorization is also great for large windows because the motor does all the work when you adjust the shade. Electric shades eliminate the need for cords that take up space and create visual clutter.

Be More Productive with Motorized Shades in NYC

Nobody puts in overtime at work like New Yorkers. A home office is an easy way to advance your career without wearing business attire or commuting. It can be challenging to focus when you work from home, and stepping away from your computer to adjust the shades is an annoying distraction. Using motorized window shades, you can combat glare or enjoy more natural light early in the morning without leaving your chair.

Optimize Side by Side Windows with Electric Shades

Several windows in a row are an appealing feature that offers spectacular views and maximum sunlight. However, adjusting individual shades to achieve optimal light and privacy can take time and effort. You think each shade is in the perfect position, only to sit on the couch and realize one is too high or low, meaning you must get up again. Motorized shades give you complete control over each shade by doing nothing more than lifting a finger.

Create Versatile Spaces with Motorized Window Shades

If you have an area in your home that serves a single purpose, motorized shades can make it more versatile. You don’t need room-darkening shades in a space you don’t sleep in, but what happens when you have an unexpected guest? A motorized dual-roller shade system lets you easily adjust the light and privacy to accommodate multiple.

Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic with Motorized Window Shades in NYC

Bring the convenience of motorized shades to your home with Janovic. We are the city’s leading dealer of Hunter Douglas window treatments and Benjamin Moore paint, and our designers will help you choose the perfect shades for your whole apartment.

Visit one of our many showrooms across New York City, including Chelsea, Gramercy Park, Queens, Soho, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Uptown West, and Yorkville, or book an in-home consultation today.

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