Employee of the Month, Marnie Campbell, Paint Expert Near New York City (NYC) for Customer Service

APRIL 2019

“Dear Anderson Simon,

I am the President of the Gramercy Park Block Association, and have lived on Gramercy Park since 1971. I could hardly wait to write this email to you. In my nearly fifty years here, I have gotten to know many people in neighborhood stores, and have been a customer at Janovic for years.

I am writing to you to tell you that you have a remarkable person who is such a gift to your store and our community, and that is Marnie Campbell. I cannot say enough good things about this terrific person. She has an amazing personality, is very knowledgeable about everything in your store, and is extremely helpful to customers. She really goes out of her way to work with every person that comes into the store, to advise and guide them towards making the right purchase no matter what their project is.

I refer many friends and neighbors to Marnie, and they always report back to me how positive their experience was in working with her. I just love Marnie and thought you would appreciate hearing how much she means to so many of us in the Gramercy Park neighborhood.

Warmest regards,
Arlene Harrison”

Marnie is exceptional in her approach. She is our first formally recognized Employee of the Month. While we congratulate her in being chosen for the month of April, the spirit and genuine concern Marnie brings to our team and our customers has been there every day since she joined Janovic. As Assistant Manager of our Gramercy Park Store, Marnie has fostered a sense of care & connection with the community as evidenced above. Marnie is a proud example of what a premium customer experience should be. Looking forward to many more.

The Leadership Team

Employee of the Month – Vinesh Ramjattan