Pastel color palettes aren’t only for Easter egg hunts and nurseries. These soft shades are making a place for themselves in mainstream décor, and we can show you how to brighten up small spaces in your NYC apartment with a pastel color palette.

Modern living room in pastel green beige colors and sunlight shadows near New York City

The Appeal of a Pastel Color Palette

It’s common practice to use light colors to make small spaces appear larger, but what are your options if you don’t want to stick with the standard shades of beige or white? Pastel colors are subtle and bring whimsy to tiny spaces without overpowering them the way saturated shades can. No matter what your color scheme preference, there’s a pastel hue to complement it.

Think Outside the Box

Did you know that pastels can double as neutral hues? You read that correctly. Pastel colors have heavy white pigment, making them a great alternative to traditional neutrals. Benjamin Moore Light Mocha 2096-60 is a warm beige with a hint of pink, offering a soft, creamy shade. For a bolder aesthetic without straying too far from a neutral foundation, try Benjamin Moore Fairest Pink 2092-70. A subtle touch of gray gives this light pink a chalky quality that keeps it within the boundaries of neutral use.

Ground Pastels with Darker Colors

A pastel color palette’s light, airy nature will invigorate a space, but it can also leave the eye without a place to rest. A tonal look is a fantastic way to pair pastels with deeper shades. If you want an ultra-chic look, pair the delicate purple of Benjamin Moore Sugarplum 1394 with black.

Pastel Color Palettes for Adults

The range of pastel colors is broader than many believe. A periwinkle color, like Benjamin Moore Windmill Wings 2067-60, is a crisp pastel that brings charm to any space. On the trim, you can keep the soft, serene vibe intact by using a creamy color, like Benjamin Moore Vanilla Ice Cream OC-90. Benjamin Moore Van Alen Green HC-120 is a fresh take on pastel green that is ideal for powder rooms.

Create Restful Spaces with Pastels

Choosing colors for a small bedroom can be challenging. A bright, cheerful color that’s not too energizing is an excellent choice. We love the muted hue of Benjamin Moore Blue Stream CC-730. Green is another fantastic color for serene spaces, and Benjamin Moore Potpourri Green 2029-50 brightens compact spaces with a slight touch of yellow.

Pastel Trim for Subtle Brightening

Pastel colors don’t have to be the dominant shade in a space to make it look brighter. Try using a sunny yellow, like Benjamin Moore Calla Lily 283, on the trim in a room with a subdued shade, such as Benjamin Moore Misty Memories 2118-60, on the walls. The delicate gray-lavender balances the playful yellow beautifully.

Design a Pastel Color Palette for Your NYC Home

Brighten up the tiny spaces of your NYC home with pastel paint colors from Benjamin Moore. We are the city’s leading Benjamin Moore paint and Hunter Douglas window treatments retailer. Shop our wide selection at one of our showrooms across the city, or book a complimentary in-home consultation today.

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