Acabados industriales destacados

Corotech<sup>®</sup> Alkyd Enamels

Corotech® Alkyd Enamels

This durable alkyd enamel is designed for all professional needs, from quick-dry spray-optimized paints to multi-purpose brush and roll systems; we have it all.

Corotech<sup>®</sup> High-Performance Epoxies

Corotech® High-Performance Epoxies

Our two-component epoxy for steel and masonry is rugged and durable. Applicable in commercial or industrial spaces and even residential areas.

Corotech<sup>®</sup> High-Performance Urethanes

Corotech® High-Performance Urethanes

This Benjamin Moore product is an excellent option for your surfaces if you need long-lasting color, durability, and gloss, even in the harshest environment.

Corotech<sup>®</sup> Waterborne Enamels

Corotech® Waterborne Enamels

These are multi-purpose paints that blend rugged protection, lower VOC, and ease of use. It is a great enamel option for your professional needs.

Corotech<sup>®</sup> Specialty Enamels

Corotech® Specialty Enamels

Corotech® Specialty Enamels is a Benjamin Moore collection of specialty products, including enamels for electrostatic spraying and high-heat resistance.