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for CT MINI, CT MINI I, CT MIDI and CT MIDI I manufactured from 2019 onwards, CTC MINI/MIDI and CT 15

Item Number: 204308


  • Qty. in pack: 5.00 Units

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Filter Bag captures and contains dust and debris for easy and clean disposal. Optimum utilization of filter bag volume thanks to SELFCLEAN filter material, optimised for cleaning. Collapsible bag design eliminates dust cake between cycles, delivering full and sustained suction foce and longer bag life. Compatible with CT MIDI I and CT MINI I dust extractors.
  • Quick and easy disposal of class L and M dust
  • Ideal for use with CT MINI and CT MIDI from YOM 2019 onwards
  • Optimum usage of filter bag volume and constantly high suction power thanks to SELFCLEAN filter bag
  • FSC™-certified