Benjamin Moore® Fresh Start® Paint Primers

Fresh Start<sup>®</sup> Premium All-Purpose Primer

Fresh Start® Premium All-Purpose Primer

For the best results, always choose a premium quality primer. This is especially important when priming new or previously painted wood and weathered surfaces. We carry the Moorwhite Exterior Wood, Exterior Wood, High-Hiding All-Purpose, and Multi-Purpose Oil Based Primers. Each of these is dependable and provides a tight seal prior to applying a topcoat.

Fresh Start<sup>®</sup> High-Hiding All Purpose Primer

Fresh Start® High-Hiding All Purpose Primer

Our entire line of interior premium primers delivers the exceptional adhesion and holdout required for a smooth and durable topcoat. Whether you choose the High-Hiding All-Purpose, Enamel Underbody, or Multi-Purpose Oil Based, we know you will be completely satisfied with these paint primers that dry quickly and sand easily for a smooth finish.




We carry an entire line of Insl-x products including Aqua Lock®, Stix® Waterborne Bonding Primer, Prime Lock™ Plus, and Seal Lock™ Plus. Insl-x is a fix-all solution because they are engineered for excellent adhesion. These specialty coatings have odor-blocking capabilities and stain resistance that are built-to-last. Plus, we offer fire-retardant options and cabinet coat enamel that are perfect for refinishing cabinets, trim, and molding.

Benjamin Moore® Commercial Primers

Super Spec® HP Primers

Super Spec® HP Primers

Our Super Spec® HP Primers, also known as our Alkyd Metal Primers, are high-performing products that prevents rust and offers excellent leveling properties for a smooth finish.