Основные характеристики

Special Fabrics—The Designer Screen fabrics collection, one of the most robust in the industry, includes unique choices such as multicolor designs and textures.

Uv Protection—Protect your furniture, flooring and artwork from fading. Designer Screen fabrics block between 86% and 99% of the sun’s damaging rays.

Superior Operation—The Custom Clutch operating system features modern hardware and precision-tuned lift technology that delivers smooth operation, ease of lifting and the smallest light gap in the industry.

Multiple Opacities—Designer Screen fabrics are organized by openness factor. Openness is the weave density of screen fabric affecting the degree of visibility, privacy, glare and UV blockage. There are five options, ranging from most view/least privacy to minimal view/maximum privacy.

Top & Bottom Treatments—Customize these shades with top treatments that conceal the fabric roll for a clean look. A selection of bottom treatments includes fabric-wrapped options.

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades Collection

Технические характеристики

Ориентация Горизонтальный
Ширина 12" - 192"
Высота 12" - 144"
Специальные формы Bay windows and corner windows.
Ткани 175 fabrics in 605 color/fabric combinations.
Непрозрачность Light filtering from sheer to opaque.
Варианты дизайна Round and square cassettes, metal fascias, fabric and dust cover valances, and pocket installation.

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