New York City is a place to see and be seen, except when you’re in the shower. A window in your shower is fantastic for enjoying natural light and ventilation, but it can seriously compromise your privacy. Fortunately, you have several attractive options for covering shower windows in all types of décor.

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Faux Wood Blinds for An Upscale Aesthetic

The adjustable slats of blinds make them an ideal window covering for rooms where you need a perfect combination of light and privacy. Wood blinds bring sophistication and warmth to a space but are not compatible with the moisture and humidity of bathrooms. Fortunately, today’s faux wood blinds look anything but fake. Patented low-luster finishes give your faux wood blinds the appearance of finely stained hardwood slats.

Contemporary Appeal of Metal Blinds

Metal blinds are an excellent choice when you want the advanced light and privacy control of blinds but in a more contemporary style. Metal blinds are lightweight and resistant to dents and water, so they’ll look fantastic for many years. Choose a wider slat for large windows and a slimmer width for small or narrow panes. Metal blinds are available in various finishes to suit every aesthetic, including matte, pearlescent, and marble.

The Classic Character of Vinyl Shutters

Some things never go out of style, and shutters are one of them. Vinyl shutters allow you to incorporate the iconic style into your bathroom without worrying about warped wood louvers. Interior aluminum bracing and resin blocks make vinyl shutters incredibly durable, and you can cover an unattractive windowsill or create one with a decorative cover. Dress windows of any shape and size with specialty shutters in arches, angles, and hexagons. Since vinyl shutters are cordless by design, you’ll never experience the “ick” of touching a wet cord while showering.

Let the Water Roll Off Your Shades

Roller shades are an exceptional choice for a window in the shower because water will bead up and run off vinyl styles. You can bring intrigue to your windows by choosing a roller shade with a fun pattern or texture. Roller shades offer easy maintenance and are available in several opacities, including an option to place an opaque liner behind a sheer front shade for increased versatility. A cordless push/pull lift design allows you to adjust your roller shades even with wet hands.

Options for Other Bathroom Windows

Bathroom windows that don’t come in direct contact with water have more coverage options. Cellular shades are an excellent way to enjoy natural light, and upgrading to the top-down/bottom-up design gives you limitless privacy. Roman shades in a light, breathable fabric, like linen or cotton, are another gorgeous choice for bathroom windows. We encourage you to choose breathable fabrics so they dry completely between bathroom uses.

Find the Best Shower Window Coverings In NYC

Don’t let privacy be a concern when it’s time to come clean for the day. Janovic is the city’s premier Hunter Douglas window treatments and Benjamin Moore paint dealer, and our designers can help you find the perfect water-resistant coverings for your shower windows. Visit one of our many showrooms across New York City, including Chelsea, Gramercy Park, Long Island City, Soho, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Uptown West, and Yorkville. We also offer complimentary in-home consultation today.

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