We’ve Teamed Up with the Queen of Contemporary Color

The Splash Heard Round New York

NYC went color crazy this June with the seasonal opening of Manhattan’s most popular pool. The Manhattan Park Pool is a summer staple for many New Yorkers. What makes the 8,500 square-foot space literally stand out across the East River you ask? Well, the answer is color. Each year, Citi Habitats New Developments, alongside design firm K&C0 and Pliskin Architecture, unite to select an artist to design the pool. Paint and materials are provided by us, Janovic NYC, and Benjamin Moore.

The Color Authority

Janovic NYC has remained the leading paint and décor provider in New York City since 1888. We take pride in being New York’s Color Authority–your ultimate go-to resource for color and design expertise. Being a New York staple ourselves, the Janovic team was eager to see the pool’s finished product. Janovic President, Rich Gaudino, recalls the event saying, “I saw the pictures and said, what a vibrant story told through color. Let’s find out who designed this.”

Janovic’s team took to social media to find out who was behind this incredible splash of color. We found contemporary artist, Elizabeth Sutton. After initial conversations, it became clear that Sutton represents much of what Janovic values: self-awareness, care for others, consistent positivity, and last–but certainly not least–hard work.


What’s Next?

Turns out, the pool was just the beginning for NYC’s color experts. Janovic and Sutton, who we like to call the Queen of Contemporary Color, are teaming up once again. This time Sutton is sharing both her eye for color as well as her knack for interior design. She curated five custom branded color palettes that are now sold exclusively at Janovic.

The five curated palettes are designed to answer all your color and decorating questions. They include both bold and neutral options, as well as DIY tips for color pairing and room design. Sutton calls it an absolute dream, stating, “It’s a dream I’ve had since a kid. Can I tell you what an honor this is?”


Ready for Hues from the Queen of Contemporary Color?

Do you have a project that’s ready for color? Would you like decorating inspiration from the Queen of Contemporary Color? Our designers would love to show you the phenomenal palettes that Sutton created. Stop into one of Janovic’s convenient locations. Or, let us come right to you! Contact our team to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation today.

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