Custom Palettes Designed by Artist Elizabeth Sutton

This fall, we introduced 5 custom branded color palettes, curated by artist Elizabeth Sutton. From the moment we laid eyes on the work of Sutton, we knew she could evoke emotion with color. We wanted to collaborate with her to create custom palettes, from Benjamin Moore paints, that would inspire our customers.

The Inspiration of Custom Palettes

We believe that our customers are here to be inspired–to create a home that surrounds them with beauty and happiness. And, because that looks different for each and every one of us, we wanted to offer a creative way to look at colors. You might see pairings that you love for your next project. Or, one single paint color might stand out above the rest.

Meet the Collections…

Shades of Gray

Make a statement of sophisticated design with a range of chic neutrals, from white to charcoal.

Autumn Allure

Contemporary softness comes in this palette, from warm neutrals to deep jewel tones, breathing life into your space.

NYC Dreams of Eden Rock St Barths

Island-inspired, you’ll capture lively energy and a vibrant nature in your home with your favorite paint colors.

Earth, Wind and Fire

Classic styling, from deep velvety shades to light and airy hues, this palette will highlight the personality of your space.

Head in the Clouds

Happy and whimsical, these pops of color will brighten your home in combination, or as a standalone favorite.

Come Visit Us!

These collections were designed to inspire. Intentionally curated for you to take into your home to create your own masterpiece. Come visit one of our NYC locations for a chance to view these custom palettes in person. Speak with one of our paint experts about your vision. And, take home samples–we are excited to see what you create in your own home! Contact Janovic with questions today!