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Our flagship store is on the technological frontline with innovative, cutting edge options in paint and interior design. From breaking down color for a precise fit to color representation in actual size, our SoHo store is a unique experience for everyone.


Nothing beats Janovic’s collection of paints, supplies and window treatments. Whether you are looking for a new color to brighten up your home or a complete re-do of your living room, we have you covered in all areas. Come in-store today or schedule an appointment with your nearest Janovic designer to find the products that work best for you!

Meet The Team

Lead Designer
Color Consultant
Store Manager


If there is one thing we pride ourselves on, it is our dedicated services team that provides customers with all of their design needs. Janovic values the opinions and ideas of those wishing to revitalize their living space and we want this input to influence the perfect level of satisfaction. Check out the different types of maintenance services we offer by coming in-store or scheduling an appointment.

Upcoming Events


SoHo, the corner of Thompson & Broome

May 19, 2016
6 pm to 8 pm

SoHo @ the corner of Thompson & Broome


September 21, 2016
7 pm to 8 pm
SoHo **Closed for Renovations!** Please Visit One of Our Nearby Locations Listed below