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Exterior Paints


Painting your home's exterior is the quickest, most impactful way to change its appearance and style. Key factors in selecting exterior paint are the type of surface being painted, the look you want, and the type of weather you live in. Like interior paints, exterior paints are available in a variety of formulas and finishes for various surfaces.

Deck & Siding Stains

You'll find hardwood transparent stain, acrylic deck stain, acrylic solid siding stains, alkyd semi-solid and transparent stains, designed to both beautify and protect outdoor wood.


At Janovic you'll find premium-quality, 100% acrylic and alkyd interior and exterior primers 

Environmental Friendly

Choose from latex, heat resistant, rubber-based, silicone aluminium, acrylic enamel and rust preventative coatings for outdoor surfaces

Floor Coatings

We stock Tough Shield floor coatings for a rugged, durable finish in black, white, walnut, tile green, battleship grey, terracotta, sandstone and many other colors.