Seeking a new style or fresh look for your home? Check out these articles to find inspiration and borrow ideas. From tailored refinement to playful practicalities and luxe living, these designs show you how to bring it all together for a distinctive space that's entirely yours.

Done with all of that dust? Nothing helps you breathe easier like a Festool. Our state-of-the-art German technology will clean your workspace as you go. Festool’s sleek, innovative design will make your job healthy and fast, and save you time on clean up.

We offer premium paint from Benjamin Moore that can tackle heavy duty jobs and stay environmentally friendly. Combine the best aspects of nature and industry with Natura paint:

Before you pick up a pail of paint, consider how color can evoke a range of emotions. Blue, which is calming and serene, is often used in bedrooms for restful sleep. Red is frequently found in restaurants to enliven a great meal.